Carl Hickman
Carl Hickman
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: NYPD Detective First Grade
Played by: William Fichtner
Seasons: 1, 2
Appears in: 2 seasons
First appeared: 'Pilot', season 1
Last appeared: 'The Team: Part Two', season 2

Carlton "Carl" Hickman is a former New York Police Department officer. Sometime during his career, he was disgraced.


In his career with the NYPD, Hickman was Detective First Grade. He led the department in arrests for six years. He spent four years as the department's liason in Europol after 9/11, after which he returned to New York and once again led the department in arrests. He was shot in the hand while chasing a childhood abduction suspect, Phillip Genovese. Though he saved the child, Genovese escaped.

Being right-handed (the hand he was shot in) he could no longer "fill out a report or hold a gun". In addition, his bosses, whom he referred to as "bastards" stabbed him in the back. Disgraced, he became addicted to pain meds and was reduced to collecting garbage in a carnival in Amsterdam, where he spied on Genovese closely with the help from Shari, whom Hickman seemed to be romantically involved with.

At some point in his career he became friends with Louis Daniel. When Daniel became head of the ICC Investigation Team, he recruited Carl, feeling it not right that his friend had been betrayed by his bosses and that his skills were being wasted. He wanted to give Hickman a chance to be a cop once more, and not sink in his revenge against Genovese. Hickman accepted, and though feeling uncomfortable for the first days in the team, he then started to care about his team mates. In particular about Anne-Marie San, his former partner, who during season 1 was kidnapped and later died in a car accident by the end of the season.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Carl Hickman was portrayed by William Fichtner in Seasons 1 and 2 of Crossing Lines.



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