Sienna Pride
Status: Deceased
Nationality: British
Affiliation: ICC, Scotland Yard
Profession: Interrogation and police work
Father: A member of Parliament
Mother: A solicitor
Sibling(s): none
Significant other(s): Tommy McConnell
Played by: Genevieve O'Reilly
Season: 1
Episode: PIlot
Inspector Sienna Pride was an interrogation expert for the United Kingdom's Scotland Yard and one of the first members of the ICC team. She helped the team solve the case of serial killer Gerald Wilhoit, who had previously kidnapped agent Anne-Marie San. Sienna ultimately meets her end while trying to stop Wilhoit from escaping.

She is played by Genevieve O'Reilly.

Biography Edit

Before the ICC Edit

Sienna Pride was born to a member of Parliament and a solicitor. She was an only child and thus grew up in a busy and distant household. Sometime in the future, she joined Scotland Yard and specialized in interviewing/interrogation.

Season 1: Edit


Sienna is among the team introduced to Carl Hickman at the start of the Pilot.

She and the ICC team chase Wilhoit through the park, but he hides among the hedges. While trying to catch him by surprise, Wilhoit stabs Sienna with his dagger, mortally wounding her. He is later killed by Louis. As she lays dying by Tommy, Sienna gives her feelings on being a part of the ICC team.

Trivia Edit

  • Sienna's death was important in establishing that the show is not afraid to kill its main characters
  • The episode following the pilot (The Terminator) starts off with the ICC team attending Sienna's funeral

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